Blog Tour: Stripey Enid

Book Spotlight

Title: Stripey Enid
Author: Natasha Lea
Publisher: Beercott Books
Publication Date: 12 June, 2018


‘Believe in yourself, for you are unique!’
In this ever-changing world our children are bombarded with ‘image’ driven ideals of what is accepted as normal, or what we should aspire to be.
The reality is we are all unique and should be proud of it.
Stripey Enid has no colour or creed, she is just a friend. Using simple verse and interactive tasks, she aims to help your child understand that it is good to be unique, and that being yourself is all you need to be.

Stripey Enid is a beautifully illustrated children’s book, suitable for all ages from 4+. The book includes interactive elements which children can fill out, such as a space for a picture of themselves and a list of their best qualities. These elements are brilliant for them to be able to reflect on why they are unique and perfect in their own ways.
The story itself concerns Enid, who has been born stripey. She talks about identity and friendship in ways which ensure that children can see that everything positive about them is what makes them different.
This book is brilliant for children of all ages because they can learn to celebrate their differences; parents with children with disabilities or who ever feel that they are different because of their skin colour, hair colour, or any distinguishing feature that makes them unique. I believe that Enid’s acceptance of herself and all people around her is an excellent story to tell for children to learn not to discriminate for physical reasons, or circumstances beyond control. I really enjoyed the illustrations in the book which are prettily coloured and basically drawn in shapes and familiar patterns. Children from a young age will be able to recognise and appreciate these drawings.

Overall, this is an interesting, unique children’s book with illustrations that do not follow standard practice. The story influencing children’s views on difference and discrimination is an important one that will help children understand it rather than just telling them to be kind to all. This is the kind of story which sticks with people including adults and children for a long, long time.

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