A review of The Trouble Boys

The Trouble Boys by E.R. Fallon has left me pleasantly surprised. I do not often choose gang crime novels, or particularly historical ones, but I am glad that I chose to read and review this one. The plot is fast-paced with excellent characters and raw, gritty events. The Trouble Boys will be published on Thursday... Continue Reading →

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The Coffin Path: Murder Galore!

I opened The Coffin Path by Katherine Clements anxious and excited, and I was not disappointed. Published yesterday, this novel is eerie and dark, relying on gradual tension building. As the reader, you must commit yourself to reading this book and choosing which characters to trust along the way. With a lot of murder, spooky... Continue Reading →

I see the same debate happening a lot on book review forums and blogger discussions with varied responses. Some people seem to believe that to be a good book blogger, you must respond to all requests and review every book by its release (these are usually self-published authors), and others believe that just by agreeing... Continue Reading →

The Wren Hunt: A YA Fantasy

As I start to introduce more young adult fiction into my reading, I am reminded of the sheer simplicities of reading when you’re young. The Wren Hunt by Mary Watson was a slightly confusing, but overall well-written, enticing book. It follows in-line with many YA fantasies which focus on the fact that if this character... Continue Reading →

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Why YOU Need to Know!

I have just put Need to Know by Karen Cleveland down and already I am itching for more of it. I have read this in just over 24 hours; the quickest I've read anything but teen fiction in years! I am truly impressed with Cleveland's storytelling abilities, character development and use of flashbacks. This is... Continue Reading →

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Dark Game by Rachel Lynch: A Review

I am so pleased that I chose to read Dark Game by Rachel Lynch following Last Cry. After reading the first couple of chapters, I knew it wasn’t another serial killer thriller, but it seemed pretty similar in the beginning. However, a few more chapters in and it became apparent that this was much more... Continue Reading →

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