How can books become more diverse?

I always see a lot of posts about the ways authors use certain characters in fiction. If somebody has written a 'diverse' narrative, the characters all say and do what those characters are expected to say and do; the story ends up based on them being diverse. This used to be great. Not many authors... Continue Reading →


I’d like to talk about sensitivity.

We live in a 'snowflake'-filled world, where anybody could be labelled a snowflake at any given moment. Right now, millennials and Piers Morgan are the most likely people to have this word used against them, and they might be right in a lot of ways. But what this word and the surrounding meanings do to... Continue Reading →

I Saw Her: A short story

As much as I don't want to frame anyone's judgements or personal views on this story, I will say that it is based on people's perceptions of one another and fantasies they allow themselves to indulge in. However, it is also about knowing when those fantasies end, especially for a man coveting a woman. There... Continue Reading →

New Year, new job? #Workinpublishing in 2019

As can be seen through a quick Google search, the publishing industry is expanding in many ways. It is becoming more inclusive, promoting diversity and expanding its reach across the UK. The Northern Fiction Alliance are making huge strides toward publishing reaching past London, and publishers such as Sharmaine Lovegrove's Dialogue Books mean that there... Continue Reading →

HELLO January 2019!

I am welcoming 2019 with open arms, especially January 2019. January means 'new beginnings' and though it's cheesy, I love that. It also means my birthday is coming up toward the end of the month and I get to meet the marketing teams from my workplace from all over the world when they all come... Continue Reading →

2018 Round-up!

I genuinely cannot believe how quick 2018 seems to have gone. Then I look back at all that has happened to me and it seems like forever ago that I was in a job I hated, living in a shared house, not knowing much at all about the industry I wanted to enter into. Flash... Continue Reading →

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