A review of Twisted by Steve Cavanagh

Twisted by Steve Cavanagh was a bit of a let-down for me, to be honest. I absolutely loved Thirteen; Cavanagh's use of voice and characterisation was on point to the limit that he could have written a basic plot and I still would have read on. However, Twisted is the complete opposite of that. He... Continue Reading →

The House on Half Moon Street

... It's got such a long title, I decided that would be the name of the review! The House on Half Moon Street by Alex Reeve is an interesting, dark and modern Gothic tale set in the Victorian era, which sounds highly contradictory. It is modern in one glaring way: the main character is transgender.... Continue Reading →

Reading “Carrie” by Stephen King cont.

Since reading "Prom Night" within Carrie, I can definitely say that straying from religion definitely gave Carrie more power. As soon as she is wearing the prom dress that shows off her breasts, which she does not call "dirtypillows" for once, she gains this dreamy feeling as King describes it and when her mother tries to... Continue Reading →

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