The House on Half Moon Street

... It's got such a long title, I decided that would be the name of the review! The House on Half Moon Street by Alex Reeve is an interesting, dark and modern Gothic tale set in the Victorian era, which sounds highly contradictory. It is modern in one glaring way: the main character is transgender.... Continue Reading →


Peach: A very unnerving listen!

As I am getting into audiobooks, I decided to download the audio version of Peach by Emma Glass, as it was one that I had wanted to read since it came out but hadn't had the chance to get a copy. Plus it was less than five pounds. And boy am I glad I didn't... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour: We Other by Sue Bentley

Book Spotlight Title:  We Other Author: Sue Bentley Twitter: @suebentleywords About the book: We Other was published by Everything With Words on 28 April, 2017. Sue Bentley visited the Young Adult Literature Conference to promote the book in 2017, signing copies and delivering proof copies. Bentley is an established author of children's books and We Other is... Continue Reading →

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