The Outsider: A unique fantasy thriller

Stephen King has done it again! The Outsider is an incredible, unique look at the criminal justice system intermingled with a tale of mythology and belief. I thought that this novel was suspenseful and captivating and I learned a lot from it about Mexican mythology and a variety of supernatural happenings. The Story A little boy,... Continue Reading →

Ascent by Luke Walker: A Review

DNF: Honestly, this book was not for me. I found that it started well, as the reader was thrown into the middle of the action, but I could not get past the middle which seemed to drag out with no real end in sight. The story: a group of adults are stuck in a building... Continue Reading →

A Guide for Murdered Children: A Review

What if child murder victims could exact revenge on their killers? The premise to Sarah Sparrow’s A Guide for Murdered Children sounded perfect for serial killer/horror junkies like me! The story itself did not disappoint. With plenty of well-written characters and the crime elements, I was impressed with this novel. It took me a while... Continue Reading →

Review of Needful Things by Stephen King

Needful Things by Stephen King is an incredible narrative which delves deep into the psyche of individual people, yet reaches out generally also. While commenting on the materialistic nature of today's society, King creates a completely new world. While at first seeming mundane, the supernatural elements within the story separate this town from the outside... Continue Reading →

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