My Mother the Psychopath: A stark portrayal of psychopathy

My Mother the Psychopath: Growing Up In The Shadow of A Monster by Olivia Rayne is a true story focusing on the dynamics of an innocent girl growing up with a psychopathic mother. This is a gripping story, reading like fiction so I found myself forgetting that it was real. Remembering that made it so... Continue Reading →

Dead End: Another stunner!!

Dead End by Rachel Lynch is yet another incredible thriller which shows her development as an author in all thing character, plot and place. I love reading and reviewing her books as I always know that she will put together a distinct plot with brilliant new characters, while still developing her staple ones. I enjoy... Continue Reading →

You Were Made For This: Was she?

You Were Made For This by Michelle Sacks is a chilling domestic thriller novel, loaded with tension and intense background stories for all of the characters. I sped through this novel, but have come out unsure of how much I really liked parts of it; hopefully writing this review will help me straighten out my... Continue Reading →

Thirteen: Effing incredible!!

Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh had the best possible premise: a serial killer on the jury for the murders he had committed. Told partly from his perspective and mostly from the lawyer, Eddie Flynn, Cavanagh has crafted a deeply twisted and dark narrative with some insanely creative characters, all of whom I loved reading. I even... Continue Reading →

The First Time I Killed a Man…

The first time I killed a man, I was seventeen. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a big step compared to what I had already done, but it’s harder to kill a man. They’re generally larger (especially next to me), but more than that, they are willing to do almost anything to protect their own lives.... Continue Reading →

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