Get a Job in Publishing Course Review

Last weekend, I attended The Literary Consultancy's course 'Get a Job in Publishing', designed for graduates, first-time jobbers and more experienced professionals who want to change their industry. The course offered insight into the various routes into publishing careers - traditional and controversial - and included some excellent, inspiring speakers from a variety of backgrounds.... Continue Reading →

Minorities ARE writing

I am about to write a blog post which I feel needs to be written. I will try not to get angry or rant too much, but I can't make any promises. At a panel event last month, I heard the director of a successful independent publisher say that he thinks that BAME/minority authors were... Continue Reading →

Exhibit Alexandra: A work of art

How to explain Exhibit Alexandra by Natasha Bell? Weird, wonderful, strange, disturbing, awe-inspiring... there are a lot of words! This novel takes the reader through many emotions as they watch the narrator tell a story of what she thinks may have happened while she has been gone. It is a baffling story with a pretty... Continue Reading →

Staying happy in work and life

There are always a lot of comments made about people's happiness. We talk about what makes us happy, unhappy and what we just cannot cope with. We moan and complain, rejoice and celebrate, but what happens when we cannot cope any more? In life When we are not happy with something in life, which could... Continue Reading →

Tell No Lies: My Thoughts So Far

Tell No Lies by Lisa Hartley came out on the 19th February, and I will be joining the blog tour for this wonderful book on Wednesday complete with a full review and my first ever Q&A session!! Exciting! Tell No Lies is a crime fiction novel, and the second in the Detective Caelan Small series.... Continue Reading →

A review of Erik The Lone Wolf

By Sarah Finn First Editions ISBN: 978-81786030108 Cost: £11.99 Story Erik The Lone Wolf by Sarah Finn is a beautifully illustrated, charming debut picture book which has been published to coincide with the 2018 Seoul Winter Olympics. Erik is a young wolf in a wolf pack. After getting annoyed with his pack one too many... Continue Reading →

Why YOU Need to Know!

I have just put Need to Know by Karen Cleveland down and already I am itching for more of it. I have read this in just over 24 hours; the quickest I've read anything but teen fiction in years! I am truly impressed with Cleveland's storytelling abilities, character development and use of flashbacks. This is... Continue Reading →

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