February has been and gone; March has more to come

In February, I focused on broadening my horizons, especially after a disappointing first read. I explored historic witchcraft with The Familiars and The Glass Woman, listened to the audio version of My Absolute Darling and started reading Nigerian fiction with My Sister, The Serial Killer. Twisted - 2*, The Silent Patient 4*, The Familiars 5*,... Continue Reading →

An audiobook review of My Absolute Darling

For my first re-read in about two years, I chose to listen to the Audible version of My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent, which I read and reviewed a proof copy of in 2017. I am so glad that I chose to listen to this novel even though it's so dark, because it is truly... Continue Reading →

Outside: darkly fascinating

Outside by Sarah Ann Juckes is breathtakingly deep, heartbreaking and incredibly insightful. This darkly fascinating novel considers upbringing and how it effects children, as well as the relationship between parents and children. The elements of this book where learning and language are considered are truly thought-provoking, as it causes the reader to question what they... Continue Reading →

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