Golden State: what truths would you keep hidden?

Welcome to the Golden State by Ben H. Winters, where you are legally only allowed to tell the truth, or the speculators will find you out. Golden State is dystopian fiction, akin to Orwell's 1984 in its format and the bleak landscape. It is an interesting kind of world to imagine yourself being a part... Continue Reading →

The Flower Girls: Dark and mesmerising

The Flower Girls by Alice Clark-Platts is a dark, twisted mystery novel which will shock and mesmerise you. The characters are so deeply interconnected and I felt that their treatment was accurate, even though it will make some readers uncomfortable. The plot is one which takes you on a stop-start journey, building the tension slowly... Continue Reading →

Dead End: Another stunner!!

Dead End by Rachel Lynch is yet another incredible thriller which shows her development as an author in all thing character, plot and place. I love reading and reviewing her books as I always know that she will put together a distinct plot with brilliant new characters, while still developing her staple ones. I enjoy... Continue Reading →

The House on Half Moon Street

... It's got such a long title, I decided that would be the name of the review! The House on Half Moon Street by Alex Reeve is an interesting, dark and modern Gothic tale set in the Victorian era, which sounds highly contradictory. It is modern in one glaring way: the main character is transgender.... Continue Reading →

The Outsider: A unique fantasy thriller

Stephen King has done it again! The Outsider is an incredible, unique look at the criminal justice system intermingled with a tale of mythology and belief. I thought that this novel was suspenseful and captivating and I learned a lot from it about Mexican mythology and a variety of supernatural happenings. The Story A little boy,... Continue Reading →

A review of Guess Who?

I was very excited by the premise of Guess Who? by Chris McGeorge. A murder mystery while trapped in a room to be solved in 3 hours or everyone dies?! Fabulous! Unfortunately, the book as a whole did not completely deliver. Usually I would not write reviews that are less than positive, but as I... Continue Reading →

Review of The Quiet Man by James Carol

This week, I have read The Quiet Man by James Carol, the fourth in his detective series surrounding the cases dealt with by private investigator, Jefferson Winter. I did not realise until after I had read it that it was part of a series. This presents a good foundation, as it means that the story works... Continue Reading →

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