#WorkinPublishing: Moving from academic to trade

If you hadn't noticed by now on Twitter, I have made the proud leap from academic publishing to trade fiction publishing in the last couple of weeks. While I fully enjoyed academic, especially the resources and training, there's nothing quite like understanding every word you're reading and getting excited about tweeting for books you absolutely... Continue Reading →

#WorkinPublishing Make your CV short and sweet

Applying for a job in publishing can be one of the most daunting things, as you wonder what experience will be the most relevant and should you add in that week of work experience for a local newspaper when you were 14? Well, after applying for literally hundreds of entry level jobs about a year... Continue Reading →

New Year, new job? #Workinpublishing in 2019

As can be seen through a quick Google search, the publishing industry is expanding in many ways. It is becoming more inclusive, promoting diversity and expanding its reach across the UK. The Northern Fiction Alliance are making huge strides toward publishing reaching past London, and publishers such as Sharmaine Lovegrove's Dialogue Books mean that there... Continue Reading →

Publishing jobs: Choose carefully

Everybody knows that jobs in the publishing industry are notoriously competitive. It's often difficult to make it past the application stage, then the interviews can be incredibly tough; they could ask you almost anything related to the industry! But this does not mean that you should just apply for any old job, and you certainly... Continue Reading →

Publishing Interview Top Tips.

It’s interesting how you feel as though you cannot blog about something until you’ve properly experienced it. I interviewed successfully for two publishing jobs in summer, at a magazine publisher and a scientific journals publisher, so I’ve decided that I might be able to give some advice to those of you interviewing for publishing roles.... Continue Reading →

Moving to London: Part One

The road to success is long and complicated. It takes you down paths you never dreamt you would go down, and on unforgettable journeys. You must remember when you are on these journeys that even at the worst of times, everything happens for a reason as a good friend has drilled into me over the... Continue Reading →

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