Blog tour: My Name Is Anna

My Name Is Anna Lizzy Barber 10th January 2019 Publisher: Century & Arrow at Cornerstone Pre-order/get the ebook now! Guest post Lizzy Barber on writing satisfactory endingsā€¦ As soon as I started writing My Name Is Anna, I knew two things: how it was going to begin, and how it was going to end. The... Continue Reading →

Suicide Club: Dystopian brilliance

Oh. My. God. I have just finished Suicide Club by Rachel Heng and I want more and more! I want more stories from this dystopian universe, from the first wave and how they deal with the third. I want to know how they carry out tests of the third wave treatments in a darker take... Continue Reading →

A Review of Kiss Me Kill Me by James Carol

While I haven't read every single James Carol book, I have read a fair few and been extremely impressed. Carol has great imagination and also knows how people think, the way that we fall into patterns and repeat mistakes regardless of knowing how things have previously turned out. Kiss Me Kill Me was a quick,... Continue Reading →

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