My best books of 2017

No beating around the bush. My best books are as follows: 1: My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent This book took some very harsh topics and handled them with the right kind of care. There was enough detestable language to make the story indigestible for a lot of readers, yet also has such a great... Continue Reading →

Dear Mrs Bird: So much more to tell

To take a break from all the horror, murder and suspense I have been reading lately, I decided to take a gamble on Dear Mrs Bird. While this may have looked like the kind of book I would usually overlook, a lot of publishing professionals who I look up to had given it rave reviews,... Continue Reading →

The week before Christmas…

This week is going to be a mixture of high-pressure periods and silent periods worrying that it is the calm before the storm. I will be off and on at work since I have a three-day week and press day is Thursday, yet all of my print articles are prepared and ready. I imagine there... Continue Reading →

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