The Secrets You Hide: Two stories, a thousand lies

The Secrets You Hide by Kate Helm is an intriguing psychological thriller which tells two tragic tales and discovers some nasty secrets. With a great main character and concept, this book is gripping in parts and shocking at times. It is very well-researched in a variety of areas it explores, but perhaps explores too many... Continue Reading →

Golden State: what truths would you keep hidden?

Welcome to the Golden State by Ben H. Winters, where you are legally only allowed to tell the truth, or the speculators will find you out. Golden State is dystopian fiction, akin to Orwell's 1984 in its format and the bleak landscape. It is an interesting kind of world to imagine yourself being a part... Continue Reading →

Lolita: A notorious scandal

Lolita by Vladimir Nobokov is a scandalous novel with disgusting and unsympathetic characters. Well-written with a semi-interesting plot, this book is driven more by its notoriety than its actual content. The paedophilic nature of the content is what has made Lolita famous, so I will judge it based on that rather than simply remarking on... Continue Reading →

A review of Guess Who?

I was very excited by the premise of Guess Who? by Chris McGeorge. A murder mystery while trapped in a room to be solved in 3 hours or everyone dies?! Fabulous! Unfortunately, the book as a whole did not completely deliver. Usually I would not write reviews that are less than positive, but as I... Continue Reading →

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