My Journey to Success…

So, I am about to graduate from university, and I am getting nervous. I have not yet received my results, and one bad mark could knock my grade, and I have not yet secured a graduate job. I have probably sent off about forty job applications, had at least ten telephone interviews, and will have... Continue Reading →

My Honest Thoughts on the Election

To be frank, I don't want either Labour or Conservatives in power. I don't trust Jeremy Corbyn as much as I don't trust Teresa May. But, we are forced to vote for either or, because otherwise our votes don't make any difference. Before all my millennials get on their high horse about how great Corbyn's... Continue Reading →

As a pole dancer, we go through asking ourselves many pressing questions, such as am I ever going to be good enough to compete, or put a routine together, and how do I actually go about these things? I may not be able to answer whether you will be good enough to compete, since that... Continue Reading →

Pole Dancing – Reasons to Start?

Everybody has heard of pole dancing, or pole fitness, either because of its origins in strip clubs or because of its more mainstream format in fitness classes. But why is pole dancing so great? Why do people begin, and why do they carry on? What's so addictive about pole dancing and why should you take... Continue Reading →

Train Safe, Pole Safe!

Recently in the pole dancing community, there have been many stories, videos and pictures of injuries relating to unsafe teaching/training methods. I have read every cat and dog's comments on social media regarding the subject and finally feel like putting in my two cents. Pole dancing is difficult. It requires extreme levels of strength and... Continue Reading →

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