IT: Chapter 2 #ITEnds

Last night was a once in a lifetime experience. I got to watch IT: Chapter 2 before the rest of the country and, to my surprise, got to see and hear some of the cast and crew discuss their experience making this movie.


I fan-girled so hard over James McAvoy, looked on in awe at Jessica Chastain and was wowed by Bill Skarsgaard and two of the movie producers before diving into their excellent movie.

IT: Chapter 2 is the second in a two-part film version of the genius IT by Stephen King. In this post, I will consider the movie in comparison to the book in print and audio formats.

IT: Chapter 2 follows the lives of the Losers club after their defeat of Pennywise 27 years earlier as children in Derry. They have moved on with their lives and are thriving adults until one call from Mike Hanlon brings them back to their hometown where they can’t avoid the past any longer. In this sense, IT: Chapter 2 is more similar to the book plot than the first movie, which only focuses on their lives as children and I had so much fun seeing the characters I love with their adult counterparts.

In simple terms, this movie rocked. It was intelligent, funny and frightening and should come with trigger warnings for almost every possible phobia. Many scenes incorporated the funny and odd movements of IT with the unnatural side of the creature which makes the viewer feel anxious, which took me on a journey of emotions and I was certainly never bored throughout the movie.

But was it as good as the book? Well, I would say that IT: Chapter 2 evokes all of the important scenes and messages from Stephen King’s creation and represents the world fantastically. However, since enjoying the narrative in three formats, it must be said that my favourite remains the audiobook. Naturally, the movie adaptation strips out smaller scenes and characters and changes elements for clarity and conciseness and it is brilliant, especially the acting and drama of the key scenes. However, because it removes some parts which I enjoyed, particularly in the beginning of the plot, the book wins out.

Overall, I would rate this movie a solid 8/10. I loved the acting, the adaptation of the book onto the screen, the special effects and the exploration of the characters visually. I do feel that at times there could have been more focus on the story and the differences between them as children and them as adults rather than the amount of IT in different forms scenes, but they were incredible to watch and with a time limit, you can’t have it all. This was a brilliant movie which I hope the cast and crew and King are all very proud of.

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