Blog Tour: Disturbance by Marianne Kavanagh

“If you make a mistake when you’re young, you can end up saddled with the wrong person for life”

Blog Tour
Marianne Kavanagh
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21st March 2019

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
You don’t know what’s going on in Sara’s house… Or in her head.
Sara is lonely. No one talks to her – not even her bad-tempered workaholic husband or her two beloved sons. Her solace is her house, the biggest in the village, hidden away behind high hedges.
Then she strikes up a friendship with Katie, a college student living nearby, and a new world opens up. Her neighbours have been dying to get to know her, and they rush to help when Sara is devastated by a terrible accident.
But nothing is quite what it seems. And when new betrayals and shocking revelations disturb her peace, Sara realises she has no choice: she must act to protect the safety of those she loves.


My review

Disturbance by Marianne Kavanagh is a fast-paced narrative focusing on toxic, manipulative relationships and the lengths people will go to to put an end to them. With a small-town gossip vibe, Kavanagh explores friendship and the truth behind people’s agendas; not everybody really cares and those that do should be held on to.

The story
Sara is a lonely housewife, forced to leave her job and take care of her husband who has terrible back problems and an even worse temper because of it. Screaming at her for every little transgression, Sara cannot handle him, her son constantly winding her husband up and her autistic son alone. She hires Katie to walk the dog, Bumble and slowly forms a friendship which extends to more women throughout the town, creating a whisper network which can only lead to no good.

What I thought…
Disturbance by Marianne Kavanagh is a very easy read. It has good, sympathetic characters along with some absolutely horrendous ones. This book offers a bleak portrayal of what would happen when you’re faced with the worst possible circumstances and have very few people you trust, while everybody else is running their mouths.
Sara’s story is not the first or the last of its kind, but Kavanagh pulls off an intriguing, intense narrative within less than 300 pages, drawing the reader in deep, chewing them up and spitting them out the other end. I do enjoy a good domestic thriller, and the family dynamics in this book are very interesting, particularly Sara’s eldest son, James. James’ care for Sara and his brother is clear, but I didn’t always understand why he enjoyed winding his father up so much when it would always be his mother at the receiving end of his anger.
Katie was my favourite character if you discount her attitude towards Danny, and I enjoyed the way she kept the plot moving at a good pace. As Mike is a manipulative husband, I would warn people of reading this book if they’ve been previously psychologically abused or manipulated by a loved one.

Overall, this is a 4 star read. With a clear plot, good characters and an intense ambience throughout, Disturbance lives up to its name. It is certainly disturbing in a few ways. I would recommend this to people who enjoy domestic and small town thrillers. Disturbance would be perfect for readers of The Rumour by Lesley Kara and vice versa. Thank you Kate Keehan from Hodder & Stoughton for my proof copy in exchange for an honest review.

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