My Mother the Psychopath: A stark portrayal of psychopathy

My Mother the Psychopath: Growing Up In The Shadow of A Monster by Olivia Rayne is a true story focusing on the dynamics of an innocent girl growing up with a psychopathic mother. This is a gripping story, reading like fiction so I found myself forgetting that it was real. Remembering that made it so much more authentic and intriguing, making this a very good book which will hook you the whole way through.

The story
Olivia Rayne tells the true story of her childhood, growing up with a psychopathic mother, Josephine. It is told from Olivia as child, with anecdotes from her toddler years right through to adulthood, when Olivia finally managed to break free of her holds. Each anecdote represents another trait of psychopathy, painting the overall picture of Josephine being a full-blown, high functioning psychopath.

Why I enjoyed this book…
My Mother the Psychopath by Olivia Rayne is great because it is such a personal story and you can feel the raw emotions behind the words and actions described. Olivia is a person I feel full sympathy for, not because I can understand, but because she makes me understand what it could be like to be in a situation like this. The reality of this book could really help others who are caught in a psychopath’s web, whether a family member, friend or partner and will hopefully help people to identify and avoid them generally.
Rayne’s honesty about how her mother made her feel makes this book so intriguing, as she does not try and cover just how terrible psychopaths can make you feel. Her admittance of self-blame throughout the years is striking and the contrast to her personality around other people is stark. I will say that I didn’t understand why she never searched the behaviour online; it surprised me because she knew her mother’s behaviour was not normal but never Googled it, just brushing it off as her being crazy. I also thought that there were a couple of instances where the anecdotes blended, as they escalated, so could have been written in shorter sections. This made the novel a bit longer that it had to be.

Overall, I mostly enjoyed My Mother the Psychopath by Olivia Rayne because it is a well-written piece of non-fiction which had me on the edge of my seat. I wanted to know how Olivia would escape, where she would go and who she would become without her mother and I was not disappointed. Thank you NetGalley and Ebury for my e-proof copy of My Mother the Pscyhopath by Olivia Rayne in exchange for an honest review.

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