Before I Find You by Ali Knight

I got quite excited when I started reading Before I Find You by Ali Knight. I got through the first 120 pages smoothly, was enjoying the build-up and the setting of the story from a private investigator’s point of view, and then it begun to fall flat. Before I Find You by Ali Knight is a psychological thriller based very much around families with dark secrets at their core. It is rather gripping and intriguing, however I found that it went off the deep end at certain points in regard to the plausibility of the characters’ actions and the general set up of the narrative. Before I Find You by Ali Knight is out now from Hodder and Stoughton.

The story…
Before I Find You follows Maggie, a private investigator, Helene who has hired Maggie to find out if her husband, Gabe, is having an affair and Alice, Gabe’s daughter from a previous marriage. When Helene hires Maggie to snoop on Gabe, Maggie has no idea how deep she has just gotten herself in. Where there is money and power, there will always be more hidden secrets and dark truths. Maggie is drawn into the story, and once people start dying, she is more determined than ever to discover who Gabe’s mistress is and why there are so many people after this man. But trust me, to the last page, there is always more to this tangled web of lies.

What I thought…
I have given Before I Find You 3* simply because I felt that the logical path that the narrative could have gone down was missed completely, and the difference between the first half of the book and the second is huge. It goes from Maggie tracking down Gabe’s mistress on behalf of his wife and ends in a huge murder conspiracy where she is being told off by the police. This would not have been a struggle for me to get on board with had there been any indication in the early stages of the story that this was going to be far more about the investigation into the murder of a man. I was enjoying the story of Maggie and Helene’s search and wanted to see more of Maggie doing her actual job and not the police. I liked the characters, with Alice being my favourite. Helene was a bit too confusing, while Maggie was a confused and, at times, unconvincing character. But Alice was well-crafted with an excellent end-game, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading her triumphs.

Overall, I would recommend this book to most people who enjoy a very twisty-turny psychological thriller. Thank you Hodder and Stoughton and NetGalley for the free e-book in exchange for an honest review.

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