Broken Things: A twisted mystery

Broken Things by Lauren Oliver is a very well-plotted mystery thriller which will take you by surprise. The writing is very well done, ensuring that the characters act their ages which helps the story make total sense. This is a refreshingly easy read, and one for thriller lovers to enjoy. Broken Things by Lauren Oliver is out now from Harper Collins.

The story
Broken Things by Lauren Oliver is a dual perspective, dual time zone narrative, which follows Brynn and Mia as they try to uncover the true identity of the murderer of their friend, Summer, whom they were accused of killing five years previously. Brynn has been in and out of rehab whilst Mia has been hiding from the world in home school with her friend, Abby and now she wants to know more. At the same time, we are told the narrative from five years ago leading up to Summer’s murder, when she met Brynn and Mia, brought them together and started writing the sequel to The Way Into Lovelorn, a book coveted by Summer. They are sucked in to the fantasy world they create and as ‘adults’ must separate the fantasy from the reality to reveal what’s hiding beneath the words.

Why I liked Broken Things…
This is a good book because it has a solid story line, takes inspiration from the popular slender man legend in a tasteful way and utilises its characters properly. I liked that they were just 18 in the future, as this meant that their connection to the past and still being in love with their school sweethearts makes sense. I did feel that the characters seemed older in the beginning, and it could have been made clearer why/how Brynn ended up in and out of rehab earlier on, as it seemed like such an extreme circumstance for a girl her age.
Furthermore, Oliver plotted this book brilliantly. I enjoyed the parallels between Owen, Mia and Summer in the past to Owen and Mia in the future without the interruption of Summer. Brynn’s connection to Summer is also further explored in her friendship with Abby, and I particularly liked the inclusion of gay characters without the plot focusing on that as their entire personality. I liked the characters, but did not trust any of them, except Wade, for most of the book, even though I managed to figure out the killer fairly early on.

Overall, Broken Things by Lauren Oliver is a good book. The plot is strong, with intriguing narrators who have clearly been through a lot. I would recommend this book to people who want an easy-going thriller which is fun to read and not too tense or scary. I am thankful to NetGalley and Harper Collins for the advance e-copy of this book. I will definitely read more from Lauren Oliver in the future.


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