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Friend of the Family
Tasmina Perry

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Friend of the Family by Tasmina Perry is a gripping domestic drama told from the voice of a successful woman in the city. This book exudes the same flair and charm as Perry’s previous novels, with focus on the familial and friendship elements of the story. Friend of the Family by Tasmina Perry was published yesterday by Headline.

The story
This novel follows Amy, a successful, career-driven woman who is thriving in London with her husband and daughter until an old friend re-enters her life. After agreeing to allow her university friend’s daughter to do an internship with her company and stay in her home, things take a turn for the worse. As Amy tries desperately not to be paranoid and to get on with her life, she can tell that someone, if not more than one person, is working against her. When she eventually discovers the truth, where will it leave her?

Why this is a great book…
Friend of the Family by Tasmina Perry is great because it looks at the domestic life from a variety of angles. While taking the elements of friendships and relationships seriously, Perry also dives into the world of female paranoia. This can sometimes come from a realistic place, or simply a place of fear. Women always judge other women, and because of this, nobody is safe, not even lifelong friends. Perry also shows what can happen when you don’t have anything in your life except a man, and what can happen when you confine to the laws of society when you should be following your own path. This plot is riddled with deception and vengeful intentions. However, it is not as you might think, so be prepared to have the wool pulled over your eyes.
The characters in this book are very interesting to follow; Amy and David and their school friends who surround them paint a picture of needing to fit in to become relevant. They show society in a damaged place, where they can not even trust their closest friends with their darkest secrets, and everybody will stab everybody in the back in order to get their way. Perry also considers the nature of the ones ‘left behind’ when somebody moves away and becomes successful, as they ponder over whether they could have had that life, and if it was the person’s fault for leaving them and not staying to help them grow.

Overall, I believe that Perry’s domestic, romantic thriller is a great book not only to get lost in, but also to critique society, especially the way that women treat one another. I would recommend this book to all Perry fans, as well as any and all people who prefer a thriller on the easy-going side. I will definitely be picking up Perry’s next novel and cannot wait to read the next adventure her mind comes up with. Thank you Becky Hunter at Headline for my proof copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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