Lush: Hilariously charming

Lush by Gabrielle Fernie is a hilarious, feel-good memoir with incredibly relateable anecdotes which will take you back to various moments of your life, or even make you consider how similar it is to your current situation. Telling her own story, Fernie does a brilliant job of making her own life the most humorous, yet endearing thing you’ve heard about all year and she truly makes you root for her.

The story…
Lush by Gabrielle Fernie follows Gabby at 23 years old, receiving the phone call that her best friend is getting married. As she sits, thinking about her one-night-stand in her messy London flat smoking a cigarette, she decides that she needs to drown her sorrows, which she does many times during the novel. Everything that could happen to a single, aspiring actress in London leading up to their best friend’s wedding does, and you will barely believe most of it.

Why I loved this book…
This is the PERFECT girlie book to sit down and enjoy over a long weekend (as I have done), on the beach, or just in the evenings to wind down. It is actually funny, with Fernie’s incredibly British humour reaching out to my own northern upbringing, many parts shocking and amusing me at the same time. Now, usually, I wouldn’t find myself reading this kind of book, but I am so glad I did because it was the perfect book to read personally after getting blackout drunk at a friend’s house party last weekend, then decidedly taking a week off drinking. Gabby is an extreme version of many young British females I know, and I found it charming how I saw a bit of her in me and many of my friends.
The stories are just downright hysterical. From her drunken dilemmas, right down to her awkward acting dramas, Fernie’s life is just brilliant to read. You cannot help but laugh with her as she does things we all would do, from ringing up old booty calls to trying to lose weight by going to an expensive and disgustingly active bootcamp. She is an extreme example of most similar women, but I do feel as though she represents a type of woman who is often overlooked and dismissed; the ‘ I haven’t figured out my life yet’, ‘I just wanna have fun’ kind of awkward woman, who you just assume will eventually be fine. This makes this book refreshingly different to read. It appears like an ‘adult’ alternative to Big Bones, especially with the references to her weight and dieting.

Overall, I would recommend Lush by Gabrielle Fernie to all women everywhere. I believe that older women, especially mothers, would understand their adult daughters a lot better if they could understand Gabby just a smidgen. All young, adult women should read this just to be reminded that they’re doing just fine and that nobody has it all figured out. Thank you to Sphere for my advance proof copy of this in exchange for an honest review. When I’m drinking gin in Ibiza on holiday next week, I will definitely think of this book!

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