Blog Tour: Sleeper 13 on Friday 13th

Blog Tour

Book: Sleeper 13

Author: Rob Sinclair

Publisher: Orion Books

Publication date: 1 March, 2018



As a child he was smuggled to the Middle East from his London home, to be trained as one of the most elite insurgent soldiers of his generation. For years he was forced to do things no child should do, for a cause he couldn’t believe in. But while his brothers were preparing to kill, he was looking for a way out. Now, on the eve of the deadliest coordinated terrorist attacks Europe has ever seen, he’ll finally get his chance. He will break free and hunt down those responsible for making him a monster. He must draw on all his training, all of his deadly skills to survive.
He is Sleeper 13.

Purchase link:

Sleeper 13 by Rob Sinclair is a brilliant fictional expose of terrorism from behind-the-scenes. This heart-quickening, fast-paced thriller will unnerve readers who don’t like seeing things through the eyes of someone who has taken part in these activities, but it definitely allows the reader to consider this angle and how and why some terrorists end up in the situation and whether it really is a choice or a way of life.

Reading from the perspectives of Aydin, who was taken as a young boy and trained to be a ‘Jihadi warrior’ and MI5 agent, Rachel Cox, the reader sees everything from the two extreme sides. Through the eyes of Aydin, the reader can see how somebody cannot get out of this kind of terrorist group regardless of their own beliefs, which makes for an excellent character to believe in from the beginning. His plot to avenge his family and those who have lost their lives to the ’cause’ he has been forced to support is admirable, thrilling and altogether incredibly interesting. Using his acquired skills, Aydin competes with his two sides; nature and nurture to become the man he is throughout the novel.

This novel takes the terrorist attacks and stories off the screen and puts you right in the middle of it. This definitely helps to build the tension, as Aydin knows how his ‘brothers’ think and can predict their movements, while at the same time knowing exactly what they are capable of. The difference of Rachel, who is trying to have Aydin’s knowledge despite not having the experience he has had makes the narrative intriguing and adds twists and turns to the story that the reader will not expect. Rachel adds to the growing circle of strong female characters, as she is no-nonsense and has worked hard for the position she is currently in. The plot is exciting and fast-paced and will make all readers incredibly excited for the next book in the series!

Overall, I would recommend this book to fans of crime and thriller fiction, as well as fans of Need to Know by Karen Cleveland, as there is a similar element of insider knowledge from the enemy perspective and never knowing who you can trust throughout the novel. Sinclair tells this world in such a way that you believe all the facts that are given to you. Go pick up Sleeper 13 now! Thank you Poppy Stimpson from Orion Books for my review copy in exchange for an honest review and this stop on the tour.

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