What can I say about Maestra?

ALL the sex, ALL the murder, no remorse. Maestra by Lisa Hilton is a dark, scandalous and sexual thriller which I devoured over such a short time. I am excited to own all 3 of the titles in this series and will read them in due course, but definitely need a break from the intensity of the narrative in between. This story is NOT for the faint-hearted, easily offended or triggered.

The Story
Maestra by Lisa Hilton follows Judith, a young, hyper-sexual woman who is just starting out her career. When she runs into an old school friend and loses her job, she vows to seek revenge on her former boss and make a successful life for herself while doing so. Little did she know that the world of illegal art dealing and sex clubs would have such a murderous quality. And little did she know she would enjoy that quality so much.

My thoughts…
I honestly cannot tell you what I feel about this book. Based on a lot of what I have read, I did not bat an eyelid at most of the content, but most readers definitely will. I was shocked at some of her actions, however love a character that does not apologise for who they are and carry themselves with confidence regardless of the circumstances. To get through Maestra, you definitely have to like Judith in some kind of twisted way; maybe you enjoy murderous females, or you’re a little bit kinky like she is and don’t believe in monogamy. I liked her because I love it when authors reveal the darker side of the female psyche; Judith is the complete opposite of what a woman is expected to portray according to men, which makes her an excellent character to read.
I thought that the plot of this book was carried out well. My only grumble would be that the two main sex club sections had a repeated paragraph in them, which jolted me out of the narrative and confused me greatly. This is a sloppy error which I hope won’t have happened in the other titles. Aside from this, it is a well-told story. Hilton sets the pretence, hits you with twist after twist after twist and intermingles it with ridiculously juicy sexual encounters which break up the novel and give the reader time to breathe; while fast-paced, Maestra has a quality which ensures that the reader takes in information at the right times and places.
Reading this after Tubing, I am enjoying the fact that more female authors are writing women that love sex and making it okay. The only disagreeable thing about this concept is that these women end up being dangerous or slightly unhinged in some ways, which concerns me. I don’t believe that women who want random sexual encounters and lots of them should be painted as she-devils. While I don’t believe that these authors intended this, it is how it will come across to some readers. I understand that women don’t always have to be the victim, but do they have to be cold-blooded and psychotic because they enjoy kinky past-times?

Overall, I mostly enjoyed this book. I will have to give it 4.5* because of the few niggles I had here and there and the constant use of a particular swear word that I (and many women) don’t like. I would probably not recommend this book to many people I know, but if you want to read something absolutely filthy, thrilling and hyper-sexual, then this is definitely a book for you. Maestra is not a book for everyone, but that is the beauty of the thing itself; it is supposed to shock and offend and start a conversation! Thank you Emily Burns for my copy of the trilogy; I’m sure you’ll have two more glowing reviews to come as I continue the series later in the year!


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  1. oohh so it seems that this book deals with the deconstruction of the female “figure”, right? Instead of the typical good mother kind of archetype you have more of a femme fatal kind of archetype? I think that we usually see books with mysteries and thrillers with titles like “and she is gone” and “the girl on the ice” and “the murder of the girl” or stuff like that where the woman is the victim… so I like the idea of the woman being the “crazy” and “murderous” one! and sexually active!

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