Blog Tour: Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling!

Book Spotlight

Oh My God What a Complete Aisling.jpg

Title:  Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling!

Author: Emer Mclysaght & Sarah Breen

Twitter: @EmerTheScreamer & @Sarahjaybee

About the book:
OMGWACA was the number one bestselling adult fiction title in 2017 in Ireland and even the Irish prime minister was tweeting about it! The book was written by two best friends; it started as a joke between the two university friends in their living room, but it now has more than 51,000 followers on Facebook. It will soon have a major movie from the producers of Room and The Lobster.

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The blurb:
Everyone knows an Aisling: 
Loves going Out Out, but secretly scared of liquid eyeliner. Happy to drink the bar dry, but will bring her own coaster if necessary. Would rather die than miss a cooked hotel breakfast, but can calculate the Points in a Snickers at fifty paces.
Aisling’s the girl with a heart of gold, but a boyfriend who still hasn’t made a peep about their Big Day even after seven years.
But then a disastrous romantic getaway shows Aisling that it’s time to stop waiting around and leave John behind for the bright lights of Dublin. After she’s wailed her way through Adele’s greatest hits, that is.
Between glamorous new flatmates, a scandal at work and finding herself in a weird love square, Aisling is ready to take on the big city. So long as she has her umbrella with her.

OMGWACA is a comical story which takes you on a social journey around Ireland. For someone who has only visited the country once, I was surprised at how easy the authors made it for me to become enveloped in the culture and get on board with the language differences. This pleased me, as I was worried that I wouldn’t get a lot of it, not being Irish myself. Mclysaght and Breen have both obviously opened their hearts and souls and spread them throughout this narrative to create a likeable character. In Aisling, you can either find a part of yourself or your best friend.

The great thing about this novel is that the entire narrative is written almost like an amusing letter to the Irish woman to tell them that how they act and the way they feel generally is completely normal. It was a great entry into Irish culture and the ways that women see themselves and one another, as it is often quite different to typical British musings. The chick-lit nature of this novel does take a lot of the narrative into the romantic portion, which can be enjoyable at times. I would have preferred a little less on her love life and more focus on her independence. The way that she leaves John is inspiring for many women, so it was nice to see this represented, but could have done without her being thrown into another romantic situation so soon after.

Overall, OMGWACA is an enjoyable piece of chick-lit fiction which will be loved by the masses, Irish and non-Irish alike. If you’ve ever wondered what a typical Irish woman is like, read this book. I would recommend it to any fans of women’s fiction and chick-lit novels, as it does encompass the key elements of these. However, I would say it is more of a comedy with romantic and chick-lit elements, so would definitely recommend to those in need of a mood-booster or just a good laugh. Thank you to Jenny Platt from Penguin Random House for my complimentary copy of OMG What a Complete Aisling in exchange for this stop on the blog tour!

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