My Honest Thoughts on the Election

To be frank, I don’t want either Labour or Conservatives in power. I don’t trust Jeremy Corbyn as much as I don’t trust Teresa May. But, we are forced to vote for either or, because otherwise our votes don’t make any difference. Before all my millennials get on their high horse about how great Corbyn’s manifesto is, I have voted Labour today. However, my actions were not without hesitation.

Here is what I know about Labour vs. Conservative:

  1. The conservatives’ campaign relies on lots of cuts, extra taxing of ALL people, and no clear plan on where they might actually spend money.
  2. This plan may be drastic, and problematic, but it is realistic.
  3. May is focusing so much energy on the Brexit negotiations that she is refusing to address the issues Corbyn is addressing.
  4. Remember: we do need to focus on Brexit, as the negotiations are so important for the UK to have any power over any of the decisions made.
  5. The labour manifesto sounds brilliant, right? Taxing the rich to give to the poor sound like an amazing plan, but it has some issues.
  6. Firstly, any of these 5% companies and people who either avoid tax, or don’t seem to be paying enough can leave the country, and many will.
  7. Secondly, it will be near to impossible to scrap university tuition fees completely; universities have come to rely on £9,000 per student, per year for extra funding, and, let’s face it – our universities are of a better quality than before. That being said, I would like to see them reduced closer to the previous amounts of around £3,500.
  8. Thirdly, a minimum wage increase will ONLY work if the economy is stable across ALL areas of business, particularly small businesses. My parents owned a post office branch for 8 years, and they could not have afforded to pay their employees £10 p/h. This is the same for many of your small, local business chains that we all rely on.
  9. Finally, with no directed Brexit plan from Corbyn, we could be left with next to no control over the negotiations, or trading rights.

The reason I chose to vote Labour does not have much to do with their idealistic manifesto which, if costed and executed properly, would be a dream come true. The reason I voted Labour is because I considered my personal views and interests; I am a woman who cares about feminist issues, LGBTQ rights, and affordable living. I am hoping to work within the creative industries of media, marketing, or publishing from this year on-wards, and these industries are supported by Labour. So, let’s all be realistic about why we’re voting for Labour, because their manifesto can be as problematic as the Conservatives’ if analysed the right way.

I am not a political person, and as stated, this is specifically what I know to be true about these parties, their manifestos, and views. This is my personal opinion.


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